This wonderful group meets the first Tuesday of the month in the Parish Center. Each meeting begins at Noon with a delicious gourmet potluck lunch. Lunch is followed by card, games, bingo, film or speaker depending on the month. All seniors are welcome.


Extraordinary Ministers of the Holy Eucharist

Men and women are invited into this ministry for their faith and devotion to the Holy Eucharist. They are called to assist the priest in distributing Holy Communion at Mass. This ministry is open to anyone who, having been confirmed is 16 or older.

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Homebound Ministry

This ministry currently consists of about 28 dedicated parishioners who serve those in our parish who are unable to attend mass because of illness or infirmity. These ministers reach out to fellow parishioners every Sunday and Wednesday after the 8 AM Mass. In pairs, they bring Holy Water to bless the sick and their caretakers, a Gospel reading to keep them in touch with God’s Word and, most importantly, The Precious Body of Our Lord Jesus Christ. If you know of a parishioner who is unable to attend Mass because of a physical ailment and would like to receive Jesus, please call the office at 633-6311.
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Lector and Commentator

Members of this ministry serve the community by proclaiming the Word of God and imparting the spirit of the Word in a reflective way. This ministry is open to men and women, who have been confirmed, ages 16 and over.
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Altar Servers

This ministry is open to boys and girls, grades 5-12, who wish to serve God and His people by assisting the priest at Mass. Altar Servers are scheduled for weekends and weekday Masses about once a month. They are also asked occasionally, to serve a wedding, funeral or other special Mass. Parental permission is required.


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Angel Dusters

This ministry is involved in keeping our Church and Chapel clean. This includes vacuuming and washing. This ministry is open to anyone who wishes to help keep our church looking nice. The volunteers give up a Saturday every 6 weeks and also a day in between depending on the weather. The leaves in the all and salt in the winter mean we have to work harder during these seasons.
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Money Counters

Every Sunday, every holiday and every holy day an offertory is collected at Mass and must be counted. Dedicated men and women work in teams of three or four to accomplish this task. Money that is collected by the ushers is always counted beginning after the 10:00 Mass on Sunday. The envelopes must be emptied and the amounts marked or verified on the envelopes. Checks and cash are counted separately for deposit. The collection is then recorded into the different categories as needed. Tapes are run of the envelopes and must match with the money totals. The deposit is then placed into tamper proof bags and deposited at the bank. We currently have 20 parishioners in this ministry and a team is scheduled about once a month.

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Women of St. Bridget

The Women of Saint Bridget’s Board has been established to oversee the functions of the various ministries available to all women of the parish. We have come together as one group to integrate certain functions, including fundraising activities, publicity, planning and budgeting. Our purpose is to allow women of the parish to grow spiritually and intellectually and to promote the various activities of our women’s groups.

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Knights of Columbus

KC Council 4330 is part of the 1.5 million Knights and families worldwide. The Knights share in the work of the church and community. The Knights of Columbus also host Sunday morning coffee and donuts on the third Sunday of the Month from September through May after the 8 am and 10 am masses.

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Parish Nurses

The Women of Saint Bridget’s Board has been established to oversee the functions of the various ministries available to all women of the parish. We have come together as one group to integrate certain functions, including fundraising activities, publicity, planning and budgeting. Our purpose is to allow women of the parish to grow spiritually and intellectually and to promote the various activities of our women’s groups.
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Members of this ministry come a little earlier and stay a little later than the rest of the congregation. They are very important ministers of hospitality. Not only do they help you find a pew if you are a little late and assist in the offertory collection, they are the first to greet people as they come into the Church and often the last to leave as they shut off lights.
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The role of the Sacristan is to prepare the church for the Eucharistic celebration. The process begins with unlocking the doors, turning on the lights and adjusting the HVAC. Duties continue as the celebrant’s chalice, cups for wine and the ciborium’s containing the bread are filled and set out. The Sacramentary and Lectionary are brought into the sacristy to be set by the presiding celebrant. Other responsibilities include ensuring candles are lit and that all lay participants (altar servers, Eucharist Ministers, Lector and Commentator) are present. Sacristans serve at all masses, including funerals and weddings. All of the duties performed by the Sacristan allow the priest more time to prepare for mass and greet the congregation. St. Bridget currently has seventeen sacristans.


Monica Riseley


Art and Environment

Many hands keep the Church's seasonal decorations bright and festive. If you would like to help in this ministry, please contact us.

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St. Joseph Ministry

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Our Lady of Consolation

It is a ministry that is committed to providing comfort for those experiencing grief and loss through death.  As members of St. Bridget Catholic Parish we are called through our Baptism to reach out and care for each other as living waters of God’s Love.  By compassionate love within ourselves we bring the love of Jesus through faith, hope, prayer, empathy, listening, and being present.  If the Spirit seems to be calling you to this ministry, please call Pam Parnello or Julie Rosenbaum.


Pam Parnello

Julie Rosenbaum

Respect Life

In union with United States Catholic Council of Bishops, our mission is to promote parishioner involvement in the respect for life and marriage through prayer, education, pastoral care, and public policy that supports marriage between husband and wife and the right to life from the moment of conception to natural death.
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Marriage Ministry

Worldwide Marriage Encounter provides a weekend experience in which couples have the opportunity to further develop their relationship with each other and our Lord. Step by step couples are educated during the Weekend on how to further enrich their marriage helping them live a richer and fuller life together.
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Elizabeth Ministry

The Elizabeth Ministry is a parish-wide organization with the focus on helping women and families of St. Bridget Church. This is done through making meals for families during a time of need and supporting women during stressful times. We send cards to parishioners after a birth, loss or illness and create gift bags for the newly baptized babies in the parish. Sometimes we visit newborns and their parents. The Elizabeth Ministry maintains the church’s Cry Room and participates in a memorial mass for heaven’s children. First and foremost, The Elizabeth Ministry’s philosophy is that YOUR family comes first. Get involved as much or as little as your circumstances allow.

Contact Karen Brunner
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Grounds Maintenance

Our parish grounds are kept by the unselfish efforts of volunteers. We are always in need of parishioners who are willing to do a variety of tasks.
Contact Fred Trotter

NFP Gift to Self

Is a holy way to plan your family according to the dictates of the Roman Catholic Church for married couples. You will enrich your marriage and love life by using this modern, healthy, scientifically accurate, natural, and reliable method of family planning.
Contact Respect Life Office
815.399.4300 ext. 382

Carpenter's Place

If you like to cook for homeless people who truly appreciate your help and effort then this is the ministry for you. Once a month, one of the seven team leaders and their team cook and serve the homeless people of Carpenter’s Place. Luncheons are prepared in the kitchen at the St. Bridget Parish Center and transported to Carpenter’s Place where they feed between 40 and 100 people. The clientele of Carpenter’s Place are all adults who have been affected by misfortune. Lunches are served once a month.

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St. Bridget Cupboard

Our parish pantry is open the 1st and 3rd Wednesday’s of the month from 4-6 PM for all in need of food. Donations of canned good or money is always welcome.

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Parish Giving Tree

The Women of St. Bridget organize a Giving Tree every year. A Christmas tree will be covered with ornaments at the Church entrance. If you are interested in providing a gift for somebody in need, please select an ornament from the tree. Then purchase a gift for the person described on the ornament, wrap the gift and securely attach the ornament to the gift. Once the gift is ready, it can be placed back under the tree before the due date.
Contact Jennifer Gomel

School Supply Drive

The Women of St. Bridget invite you to participate in our annual school supply drive. We collect supplies to be distributed to local organizations as well as fulfilling the needs of our church and school. Thank you in adance for your generosity.
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